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As we all know the summer of 2012 coincides with the Olympics and European Football Championships. A large number of employees will want to watch these key events or even attend (if they are the lucky ones to get a ticket). But as an employer I'm sure you'll be wondering what you can do to make sure employees enjoy the events -but that it doesn't affect employee performance and your business.

However, of course you have no obligation to cater for your employees' sporting interests, but evidence suggests that where employers demonstrate they care about their staff and their interests outside work, employees are more likely to go the extra mile (!) for the organisation. It also shows that it could overcome possible problems of people "bunking" off work, understaffing and lack of performance.

Having a Special/Sporting Events Policy would help clarify for employees where they stand in these circumstances. Some ideas of what you can allow include flexible hours, shift swaps, unpaid leave and special screenings on your premises (remember the TV Licence!)

So everyone who wants to watch these sports can enjoy them without it compromising your business. But remember not everyone is interested in sports! 

We can help you with deciding the best plan of action for this time period.  

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