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Typical clients

Our typical clients are business owners, Managing Directors or other senior directors who want the reassurance that their people’s people problems are dealt with and managed effectively, or that they get a clear and effective route ahead for their business.

What size business?
We work with companies of various sizes: 10 employees, 35 employees, 300 employees, 2,000 employees. So for us, the size of the company is not as important as their need for reliable, top quality input for their people, business or other matters.

Which business sector?
We have experience in a pretty wide range of sectors including electronics, manufacturing, public sector, engineering, child care, advertising, agrosciences, financial, legal, food manufacturing, logistics, food service (catering), retail and distribution.

Examples of our work

Follow any of these links to read examples of our work with private companies in the UK and Europe, including a Chamber of Commerce, with the public sector (District Council) and local government (Development Agency)

  • Restructuring and team integration in the public sector
  • Culture change, restructuring, recruitment and redundancy programmes
  • Team building and profiling
  • Management development training
  • The Pusmi-pullyu programme

What they say

One of our legal clients offered to comment on the service he received from us and his words were:

It is usually reasonable to follow the principle of “Caveat emptor “ – let the buyer beware. In other words, don’t trust everything a sales person might tell you, do a little research before you buy. In the case of Sagegreen however, I would recommend people follow the principle of “Credat emptor” – let the buyer have faith. You can always trust the advice Sagegreen gives.”

We work intimately with the team at Sagegreen; they are our HR department. We do joint seminars and presentations and wouldn’t consider anything HR without Sagegreen.” Senior Partner, Hurst Accountants, Manchester, Stockport and London

The level and quality of the expert HR advice from Sagegreen matches our own legal advice. We trust them implicitly and they are an integral part of our business offering.” Managing Partner, Molesworths Bright Clegg, Solicitors, Lancashire

We wanted to help members of our senior management team on both an individual and team basis and recognised it was appropriate to call in an experienced and sensitive professional. Graham Whiley planned a programme with meticulous detail which focussed strongly on performance improvement.

“He gave unlimited one-to-one time to each member of our team, understanding and reacting to their individual requirements. He coached each person to create a step change in their approach to how they work and live – and every member of the team found the programme positive, challenging and tremendous fun.

“The process has been very successful and has strengthened both individual and team performance. The participants are now actively engaged in strategic planning which includes a further programme of coaching for our more junior members of staff – again with Sagegreen.”

Clive Memmott , Chief Executive - Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Could this be you?

Without the knowledge or permission of the business owner, two of an employer’s most experienced and highly valued employees had begun to conduct business on their own behalf outside their employment and in competition with their employer. The employer, Erica, was devastated to lose such excellent people, but had to protect her business. What were her best options?

Erica was left with no alternative – the two employees were subject to investigation and the company’s formal disciplinary procedure. As a result, they were dismissed. The contract of employment was very explicit and the relevant detail in the employee handbook was accurate and up to date. All the correct procedures had been followed, in anticipation of such as situation occurring. Why? Because Sagegreen’s HR team were already working with the company and our HR audit had tightened up the necessary elements.

Brian, a senior manager who had historically been key to the business, was now no longer performing well. He couldn’t keep pace with technological developments and, despite training and warnings, was impeding the development of the business. To add to the complications, Brian was also a shareholder in the business. How would you deal with this?

The owners called in our HR team, who were able to untangle the various strands of Brian’s relationship with the company – as an employee and shareholder – and deal with the emotional side of this situation. The team helped the company work through the appropriate procedures, helped minimise the collateral damage and enabled both parties to part amicably. There were no further repercussions; Brian took up a alternative employment which he greatly enjoyed - and the business was able to promote internally and recruit new staff.


Anita was a key member of the team, the driving force of the business and she died suddenly. Everyone was devastated - and the business quickly went downhill. How would you manage this difficult situation?

We stepped in to help in a number of ways, with particular sensitivity to everyone’s grief. We helped to re-focus the business, to encourage and train people to take on new and different roles and to steer them back on an upward trend. The business derived particular benefit from involving an experienced third party who could handle both the personal and commercial realities effectively.

What they say

“Embarking on a major management development programme we had to be confident it would be effective. We involved the experienced and highly capable professionals at Sagegreen to design and implement a coaching programme for members of our senior management team. The Pushmi-pullyu Programme was extremely successful in enhancing both individual and team performance.

"We then asked Sagegreen to create and deliver a team development programme for our entire workforce, focussing on process improvement. We were delighted with another successful outcome which has helped to consolidate service excellence across the business.

"We are now engaged in phase 2 of the development programme and look forward to continued process improvement for our engineers.”

Phil Ewbank, Founder and Chairman - Commercial Contract Engineers Ltd

“We enjoyed working with Sagegreen to develop a strategic HR plan that we can all work with. We’ve resolved so many current and potential future issues; we genuinely couldn’t have done as well on our own.”

“I feel we have a real competitive edge after Sagegreen’s involvement in our HR strategy. Their specialist experience has given our people and our business a whole new dimension. We’re really going places.”