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There’s a reason Mo Farah, Usain Bolt and the Premier League employ works

You don’t think twice about a sports professional having a coach so why question it when it comes to business?


They want to develop to their potential, improve performance and reach their goals.

Isn’t that what you want too?

What is Executive Coaching & Mentoring?

Put simply, executive coaching is a really effective way to develop your business and yourself to overcome challenges.

It’s bespoke. The programme is designed around your business and you to achieve your specific goals, often that can be learning to manage difficult interpersonal relationships – perhaps with a senior colleague, Board member or Corporate Governance team. Another common area is career development, for example, how to position yourself for promotion and prepare for the new role or how to handle the workload and stress that comes with a senior position.  Strategic planning also features up there as you might expect but that’s not it, the examples are almost endless and are always shaped by you.


Sagegreen Executive Coach


Coaching gives focus and clarity, it helps those being coached to make decisions and it get things done. 


Coaching and mentoring are not the same thing; Mentors answer the questions you ask, they offer advice and examples and we will do this where it’s appropriate but Coaches ask questions for you to answer. Those questions are designed to help you find the best solution to your problem, to examine options, make choices and provoke thinking  and will leave you in a significantly better place after the programme. Those who are being coached make substantial changes and improvements to their current situation, they find ways to overcome their challenges and they have new skills and ways of working which will benefit them, and your business, in years to come. Those being mentored learn from other people’s experience.

Who is it for?

It’s for the leaders in your business and that can (and often does) include you as the owner or MD.


Whilst everyone’s experience is unique and the rate at which individuals progress and develop differs, our coaching programmes are about reaching company set goals so it’s for anyone who has (or you would like to have) a part to play in reaching those goals

Why choose coaching and mentoring?


Coaching challenges people, it stretches them and it’s often surprising. It’s fun, rewarding and a really positive learning experience focused on the things that matter.

Coaching is an investment in your people, it develops talent, it can change the approach, style, motivation and focus of an individual in an extremely positive and often life changing way.  Those changes carry massive benefits for that person but remember, the coaching is designed to achieve the goals set by the company so it’s not just transforming them, it’s transforming your business too.

It doesn’t end there. We know the positive results go well beyond the actual programme. People participating become more loyal to the company, more committed and more energised.

Now imagine what happens when we work with more than one person in your business. You can multiply those effects – the results are startling, the cumulative impact on the business is immense. 

How It Works

  • A set up session – establishing your goals for the programme & introducing self-awareness tools
  • Monthly sessions, usually for 6 months to address all the goals
  • Personal targets each month to move you forward 
  • Climbing your personal summit – step by step
  • Phone and email support as and when you need it

What next?

If you’re thinking it sounds like a good idea in principle but it’s not for you because it’s too expensive or you don’t have enough time then why not just start by giving us a call and having a chat with Graham?

That won’t take much time from your day and it won’t cost a penny.

30 minutes to see if coaching is for you and your business.

 Call Graham now on

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Graham Whiley

Graham Whiley

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