Sagegreen Leaders Programme

High value resources to develop and grow your company leaders

The Sagegreen Leaders Programme


A tried and tested combination of one-to-one coaching and practical, online seminars to help the leaders in your business realise their full potential.

Available on a monthly subscription basis.


1-to-1 Executive Coaching

Every 8 weeks you will take part in a one to one coaching session with a highly experienced Business Coach.

The programme is designed around your business and you to achieve your specific goals, often that can be learning to manage difficult interpersonal relationships – perhaps with a senior colleague, Board member or Corporate Governance team. Another common area is career development, for example, how to position yourself for promotion and prepare for the new role or how to handle the workload and stress that comes with a senior position.  Strategic planning also features up there as you might expect but that’s not it, the examples are almost endless and are always shaped by you.

Key Business Topics

Our clients have seen huge benefits from participating in these 12 core leadership workshops.

Now they’re available as monthly webinars for those enrolled in our Leaders Programme. 


Strategic Leadership

Why should anybody be led by you? What does it take to create an inspiring vision, persuade a group of capable senior people to buy into it and just as importantly deliver it – for you.  This module will give you the skills and insights to be the Strategic Leader your business needs.

Assertiveness & Decision Making

Aggression is not assertiveness. Decision making is not bound up in machismo. Truly effective managers must develop strong influencing skills that do not depend on authority or threat but encourage their team to recognise the quality of their argument and equally truly effective managers know how to accept others’ ideas without losing face.


Coaching or Mentoring – who needs it?

You’ve been successful so far and to the outside world it looks like your business and career are just fine, thanks. In reality, you know better than most that everybody needs help, somebody to talk to and some friendly but firm encouragement. 1-2-1 coaching will get you to the next level.

Negotiation & Difficult Conversations

Everybody negotiates. Everybody is faced with difficult conversations. But when you are the leader, your ability to do these 2 things well can be the difference between success and failure. How often have you reflected that you would do it differently if you had your time again – but many times you will not get a second chance.

High Performance Teams

Teamwork is the heartbeat of successful organisations. Dysfunctional teams get in the way, are very hard work and frankly unpleasant places to be. If you have the right people in the right seats on the bus how do you turn them into a fabulously effective, cohesive unit without losing dynamic edge and challenge. We will show you.

Effective Marketing

Marketing is not a black art, nor does it need fabulously creative people to constantly dream stuff up. Like all management, it can be distilled into processes that allow you to measure the results. This module does exactly what it says on the tin.

How to be a Non-Executive Director

Non-Executive Director roles offer really great personal development opportunities. Investing a small part of your working time into another business, another group of people and a different situation is a fantastic way to widen your horizons and your network. But how do you actually do it, what’s involved, how do you find one and what does it pay? Learn from the Master, the truth about Non-executive roles.


Putting the right people in the right seats on the bus is the first of Jim Collins’ rules in his book ‘Good to Great’. Easier to say than do. Attracting, motivating and retaining a first class team is an essential skill in business leaders. This module shows you how to do exactly that.

How to use Psychometrics

What do Wonder Woman and the Lie Detector have in common with psychometrics – William Marston – he created these along with developing a huge body of research into human behaviour that has become the backbone of modern psychometrics. We will show you how to use them to improve selection, team cohesion and personal development of key staff.

Managing Organisational Change

As a business leader if you are not managing change prepare to be changed. Stagnant organisations are dying organisations – you know that. But, actually creating healthy, dynamic change and leading people through it is tough. This module identifies the process of change that people experience and how as a leader you can take them through it with very positive outcomes.

Run efficient board meetings

If the thought of another monthly Board Meeting is driving you mad, this module is for you. Board Meetings need to be different from Management Meetings and should exclusively deal with the strategic development of the organisation, governance and legal matters. How do you do that and not get sucked back into the day to day?

How to get the best from Non-Exec Directors

The first mistake often made with Non-Executive Directors is for the Board not be crystal clear why they are on the team. The second is to not be totally open about that. We can go on. Non-Executive Directors can add enormous depth, skill, contacts and insight to a Board. But only if you know how to choose the right one(s) and how to get the best out of them.

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