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Sagegreen Strategic HRWould you like top level help with strategic HR issues?


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There is significant management skill in involving the right experience to tackle strategic HR issues effectively:

attracting and retaining the best people
getting the most from the talent in your people
creating the right culture for success

- all the elements of talent management.

With Sagegreen as your specialist partner in talent management you’ll engage with your employees better, motivate and focus them more and reap the benefits in your business.

We can guide you towards being listed in The Times Top 100 companies to work for, thereby increasing the stature and integrity of your business and helping you to attract and retain the best people.

We can help you protect and build your business very effectively.  Follow these links to see examples of our work:

management development training 
team building
individual assessment and profiling
culture change
coaching and mentoring: the Pushmi-pullyu programme

Your guarantee of quality
All our people development programmes are independently audited and approved by the ILM. Our coaches and trainers have themselves the highest level (Masters) qualifications from the ILM.

Taking part in any Sagegreen people development programme would enhance your employee’s contribution to your business. Our delegates have found they learned many new skills, developed new ideas and attitudes and are highly motivated in their roles.

Many companies have tapped into the comprehensive experience and detailed knowledge of Sagegreen specialists for particular projects - and been delighted by the quality and positive impact of our work.

The proof of the pudding..
Our work on strategic HR issues is quite diverse, but the common thread is that we can have a serious, positive impact on a business. Look at some examples of the kind of help we give to organisations.

Management development training

“We needed to train our managers in a wide range of topics to address the practical issues they had highlighted. We brought in Sagegreen professionals who knew exactly how to deliver what we needed.

"They informed, educated, trained and inspired our middle and senior managers in a comprehensive range of management topics from recruitment and selection through to dismissal. Everyone who had participated in the management and development training programme agreed without exception that it was highly effective and relevant to their needs – and extremely results oriented.

We are now in the process of implementing a further programme for our more junior members of staff.”
Chris Harrison – Global Operations Director, Eurofins Agroscience Services

Team building and profiling
We’ve been working with a leading international group of laboratory support services since 2003, in the days when they were privately owned and a smaller organisation. Then the owners wanted to shape their Board of Directors in preparation for the sale of the company and they involved Sagegreen to identify the team strengths.

As a trained and licensed practitioner Jane Caven from our Sagegreen team was able to profile all the UK Executive Board of Directors using an industry leading Occupational Personality Questionnaire. This enabled them to develop the UK and European team which came together following an acquisition in 2007.

The profiling was very successful; it identified the UK team’s strengths, their management capabilities and their behaviour and leadership styles. We were asked to profile the European senior managers in Spain, France, Germany and Italy. This work provides a blueprint as we continue to help with the development and promotion of individuals at all levels in the organisation as well as with the process for executive recruitment.

Jane’s specialist expertise in psychometric assessment provides a very useful tool to identify future leaders that can be used for succession planning within a business.

Culture change, restructuring, recruitment and redundancy programmes
We’ve been working with a Development Agency since 2005 as their ‘outsourced’ HR department, during which period they’ve been through fairly challenging times as a result of both economic and political climate changes.

We have helped teams to manage a successful process of culture change via the development of organisational values, a major restructuring of the management and staff teams and an organisational skills audit.

Our work has included the development and implementation of a values-based Competency Matrix and performance related assessment and reward, which has been designed and implemented by us working with their key managers and all staff.

Over the years, our work with this client has involved managing both recruitment and redundancy programmes, appraisal processes, individual development plans and coaching.

Jane Caven has helped them with a major review of the organisation’s structure and performance in the light of macro changes that occurred at a national political level. This entailed the reassessment of roles, responsibilities and standards of performance delivery with a view to ensuring the delivery of the Agency’s commitments to its partners and government sponsors with reduced resources.

Restructuring and team integration in the public sector
We were contracted to work with a District Council initially for a 12 month period to manage a significant period of change when three teams had to combine to deliver The New Communities Service. We had to ensure that the right employees were in the right places and that individuals and teams had the ability to deliver on their objectives. We also had to take account of the fact that the broader environment meant that the Service must respond flexibly and effectively to changes in demand.

All employees were taken through a structured programme, which included
• a review of current methods and processes in place to deliver the Service
• a review of the roles and responsibilities of individuals and their contribution to the delivery of the Service
• identifying and implementing improvements in the delivery of the Service

A key objective for the Sagegreen team was to work with the people, processes and procedures already in place, but to help the organisation to optimise their use and to transfer this learning to individuals within the organisation who could then apply this to other members of their teams.

Whilst there was always a very genuine commitment to provide great service from individuals this had not been harnessed in the most effective manner. Now, in contrast, individuals and teams are able to deliver on their commitments to key stakeholders including residents of the district, business partners and political partners.

The programme, which was extended to 18 months, successfully realigned the members of the teams with the delivery of making the district ‘a great place to live and work’ – a common agenda. This was realised through an improvement in the understanding of both individual and team objectives and most importantly, what it takes to deliver these on time and in full to fulfil the expectations of their ‘stakeholders’.

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Practical solutions

“Jane’s experience as a senior HR Director is invaluable; she finds practical and elegant solutions, sometimes in advance of an issue arising. I have absolute confidence in her and her team.”

 “I’m delighted to outsource my HR work to Sagegreen; they’re the ideal solution to deal with people’s people problems. I’d recommend them to employers everywhere for total peace of mind.”

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