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There’s a reason professional athletes and sports people employ coaches.

It works.

Sticking with that thinking – Usain Bolt’s coach does not run faster than him, nor do they demonstrate a superior technique, instead they help him find ways to improve. Non-directive coaching works the same way in business too – we work with employees, directors and owners to help them address the challenges that are important to them and the business.

Whatever you want from your business – to grow, to add value, to get out – a coach can help.


There’s an above average chance you’re really good at what you do but no great business leader makes it on their own, it’s impossible to have the best answer for absolutely everything and it can be lonely if you’re the one at the top.

Joining a Coaching programme gives participants focus and clarity, it helps them make decisions and gets things done.

Now imagine if we helped a team of people – perhaps a few from the same department or at the same stage in their career, or at the same level in the organisation. We regularly do just that, working with say five or six people in the same company. The results are phenomenal, the cumulative impact on the business is immense.

Real life case studies

On behalf of the shareholders in a privately owned IT services organisation, we coached the whole Executive team to form a competent cohesive unit that became the Board and allowed the sale of the business at a significant premium.


Austerity had decimated this third sector organisation. We coached the leadership team, helping them redefine their sense of purpose and reinvigorate their individual and group performance with the organisation now back in solid growth.


Our coaching of the leadership group of this highly successful and fast growing shared service centre organisation empowered them to redefine their strategic plan, reorganise the team with new skills and focus to deliver the continued transformational change – individual development added up to stellar team performance

Our effective Coaching & Mentoring:

  • Is goal oriented:
  • Addresses your biggest challenges
  • Focused by you on the things that matter to you
  • Challenges, stretches, supports
  • Is fun, rewarding and a fantastic learning experience


 How It Works

  • A set up session – introducing self-awareness tools & establishing your goals for the programme
  • Monthly sessions to address all the goals
  • Personal targets each month to move you forward
  • Phone and email support as and when you need it


What next?

Let’s have a chat about what coaching could do for your organisation – call us on 01606 333677 or drop us an email with a few details to

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