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I’m Tara Ryder and I believe that taking care of your mind and body should be a priority for every woman. 

I am a multi-qualified coach and therapist based in the North West, and through Mindset & Body Therapy I combine positive mindset coaching with massage therapies that allow every woman to thrive.  

For your Mindset

I’m here to empower you to take greater control of your mental well-being. Through Positive Intelligence Coaching I will introduce you to the concept of Mental Fitness, show you how to build your own mental fitness, and embed life-changing habits that you can use every day to increase your productivity and happiness in all aspects of your life.

For your Body

For you to achieve true wellness, your body needs to feel good too. Massage is the perfect way to relax your mind and body, release muscular tension, ease pain, and to put you in a positive frame of mind. My therapies can be booked individually, or alongside mindset therapy sessions for total mind and body wellness


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