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Success with Sagegreen

We were asked to help an underperforming business, the UK subsidiary of an international manufacturer. Motivation was understandably low among the sales people as they kept feeling the pinch from their established customer base. They obviously needed to find new ways to approach traditional markets and find new strategies to create and develop other opportunities.

Sagegreen got started on a coaching programme with the sales team and the Managing Director - our unique Pushmi-pullyu programme. Since we finished one of the sales team just last week landed an order for £250,000. The MD reported that this team member was "totally re-energised" since the programme and that his latest order was impressive on a number of fronts; it was the company's single largest order, it was a difficult product and it had been bought by someone in a new market sector. Is that a triple whammy? It could be, but...the story doesnt actually end there. Another salesman was working on the same difficult product and has just received the green light from a customer in London for a £1million project.

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