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Working with PLCs & Global Players

PLCs & Global Players

So, you find yourself facing the new world and the City in the eye.

Events for large organisations are often well beyond your control or your ability to predict . That does not change the relentless stakeholder pressure to deliver results. You and your team have prospered so far because you combine talent with resilience. You have always found a way forward. This time it might be a bit different – but we can help you make what happens next a success.

We love working with entrepreneurial teams leading high profile organisations.  We’ve been living and breathing that way of life for the last 20 years. With us in your team you benefit not just from our experience but from the clarity we bring (we’re not caught up in the internal politics or history), our honesty and challenge about the current situation and your ideas – this is likely to be a tough time and it’s important you have someone in your corner especially when the Board are looking to you to demonstrate leadership, professionalism and vision.

Whatever is about to happen in your organisation, your team need to be clear about what their future is going to look like, the path they’re taking to get to that new life and how they’ll know they’ve arrived. For this to be achieved they’ll need to be motivated, energised and yes, actually working together like a team. You need them on board, involved and committed to devising and building your new world.

How can we help you?


We work with CEOs and their senior teams to establish that clarity of purpose, determine a workable plan to move from here to there and, when required, be part of the team that puts that plan into place.

It might sound simple but change rarely is. It requires focus, determination and a great deal of effort, you really have to want what’s at the other end of this. We don’t do smoke and mirrors, we’re not swayed by the latest fad and we don’t dress it up. We’ll be honest with you, we’re your partners in this, in moving from idea to action. We understand the complications of Boards loaded with non-executives, reputations at stake and the insatiable challenges from the investors.

When might you need us?

There are lots of scenarios, but they usually look like one of these situations:

1. You’re changing the way your business works

It might be growth, rightsizing, struggling to drive margins or maybe you really need to restructure your people.

Or perhaps there are problems with processes – things don’t run as smoothly as you know they should, maybe opportunities are being missed or your people aren’t working together in the way you’d like them to.

If any of these sound familiar it’s time to revisit the essentials – what is your purpose, what are the right goals, where should you be putting investors resources to generate correct returns. How do you involve your people in this and get the new show on the road. We have proven processes and methodologies to help you build the plan, engage the team and make it happen.

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2. You know you need more from your people (and that might include yourself)

You wouldn’t think twice about having a coach to develop to your potential and improve performance if you were a sports professional – the same idea applies to your working world.

Our Executive Coaching is designed around you and your business to achieve specific goals and overcome challenges. It gives focus, clarity, helps decision making and it gets things done. It’s an investment in your people which transforms both them and the wider organisation.

The examples are almost endless and are always shaped by you – perhaps it’s learning to manage difficult interpersonal relationships – a senior colleague or Board member. Another common area is career development, for example, or how to handle the workload and stress that comes with a senior position, maybe you need to prepare your team for new or changing roles. Strategic planning also features up there as you might expect but that’s not it, coaching is a really effective way to work through the issues in your organisation and it builds loyalty, commitment and energy too.

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What next?

If you’re thinking it sounds like a good idea in principle, but it’s not for you because it’s too expensive, or you don’t have enough time, then why not just start by giving us a call and having a chat?

That won’t take much time from your day and it won’t cost a penny.

30 minutes to see if these are the right options for you and your organisation.

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