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Your world is more complex than most.

Not just employees and a Board (which, let’s face it, is enough to keep anyone busy) but the added intricacies of Trustees, more stakeholders than most, Government funding, inspections from outside bodies, the heightened impact of reputational damage…the list goes on.

You and your teams are working for more than profit, you’re making a very real difference to people’s lives. We understand that and we know what it means to you.

Making changes in your organisation isn’t done on a whim, it requires major consideration and a huge amount of planning. For you and everyone else involved it’s a big deal and it needs to work.

So, how can we help you?

Change, in any organisation, can be difficult, even painful at times. Having us as part of your team through the process will help with that. 

We work with you and your senior team to clarify what you want to happen in your organisation; what the future looks like. Then we’ll put together a practical, workable plan – how you move from where you are now to where you want to be and, if you need us, we can help you put that into place too.

It might sound simple but change rarely is. It requires focus, determination and a great deal of effort, you really have to want what’s at the other end of this. We don’t do smoke and mirrors, we’re not swayed by the latest fad and we don’t dress it up. We’ll be honest with you, we’re your partners in this, in moving from idea to action.

When might you need us?

There are lots of scenarios, but they usually look like one of these situations:

You’re changing the way your organisation works

It might be growing, shrinking, struggling to make a surplus or maybe you need to restructure your people.

Or perhaps there are problems with processes – things don’t run as smoothly as you know they should, maybe opportunities are being missed or your people aren’t working together in the way you’d like them to.

If any of these sound familiar it’s time to revisit the strategic stuff – Business Planning & Strategic Development if we’re giving it a ‘proper’ name,

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You know you need more from your people (and that might include yourself)

You wouldn’t think twice about having a coach to develop to your potential and improve performance if you were a sports professional – the same idea applies to your working world.

Our Executive Coaching is designed around you and your organisation to achieve specific goals and overcome challenges. It gives focus, clarity, helps decision making and it gets things done. It’s an investment in your people which transforms both them and the wider organisation.

The examples are almost endless and are always shaped by you – perhaps it’s learning to manage difficult interpersonal relationships – a senior colleague, Board member or Corporate Governance team. Another common area is career development, for example, or how to handle the workload and stress that comes with a senior position, maybe you need to prepare your team for new or changing roles. Strategic planning also features up there as you might expect but that’s not it, coaching is a really effective way to work through the issues in your organisation and it builds loyalty, commitment and energy too.

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What next?

If you’re thinking it sounds like a good idea in principle, but it’s not for you because it’s too expensive, or you don’t have enough time, then why not just start by giving us a call and having a chat?

That won’t take much time from your day and it won’t cost a penny.

30 minutes to see if these are the right options for you and your organisation.

Call us now on 01606 333677

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